While trying to compile binutils under msys my make of the binutils hangs on the flex part. I have identified the problem as flex hanging when trying to flex conftest.l, where conftest.l is made as follows.
cat >conftest.l <<_ACEOF
Any file will do actually..
It expects input or something of the sort and does not return.
Putting the flex executable in /bin within msys hangs, however copy it to my /mingw/bin (fstab to mingw directory elsewhere on drive) it works perfectly
No difference in behavior between the following two:
This to me is kinda weird but still...
Now for the real error, it's exactly the same as rob pollock describes here:
However i now have flex and bison installed and have reconfigured but still get the same error, which i find peculiar. Any suggestions?
Using --prefix=/mingw and --disable-nls