Just a followup to my previous posting ("faulty symlinks?"), I wanted to add that the problem didn't go away when I downloaded and installed msys 1.0.5 just a short while ago.  As before, I used the cygwin versions of gunzip and tar to unpack everything. 
I hope this trouble is unrelated to these other problems I've had. 
** I installed the the developer tools from the Visual Studio .NET DVD, and when I tried to install the GetRight FTP download manager, up popped a .NET configuration screen.  Maybe that software has honked up my system, and perhaps that's why I had the next problem.
** Also, when I install UeMake on top of UltraEdit 9.00a, I get message box saying that pkmws.dll was not found, although the software apparently installs and seems to work fine.
No help to these last two problems is solicited by me in this forum.  I only mention them in case others have cause to believe that the problem stems from the installatioin of the .NET products.  I'm using the .NET tools that came off of the Microsoft version 2002 Release Candidate DVD. (It's pretty huge)  Maybe I should uninstall all 1.61GB of it, although I wanted to see if I could get the mono C# working under cygwin.
Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.
Steve Gallo
Stockton, California