> Umm...


 >  Kind of hesitant to answer this...


 > On 10 Jul 2002 at 14:21, Brian Kropf wrote:


 > >

 > > I˘ve seen this before on a couple of packages, and now I˘m seeing it

 > > again with fltk. Does anyone know why running autoconf on a fresh

 > > cvs download of a package gives an error message like:

 > > /mingw/bin/autoconf: /mingw/bin/autom4te: No such file or directory

 > > /mingw/bin/autoconf: /mingw/bin/autom4te: No such file or directory

 > > I can run the cygwin version of autoconf to get it set up, but that

 > > includes the śmno-cygwin.


 >  autom4te, if you installed the MSys DTK is in /usr/bin, not

 > /mingw/bin...umm...not sure

 > where you expect

 > autom4te to be, or if you even expect it to be anywhere...


 >  Anyway, the Msys DTK executable places it under /usr/bin, not

 > /mingw/bin.


 >  Paul G.


 > I see that I somehow unzipped it to my mingw bin directory, and not my

 > msys directory. Do you think that™ll matter?? It appears to be looking

 > in the place where the autom4te is actually at, it just doesn™t find

 > it.


        Yes, as there is a particular path reference that is used for Msys that is not necessary

for your basic Mingw

 distribution (when Mingw is installed as a stand alone development tool).


        As I understand it (and again, this is my humble opinion, subject to correction at any

given moment) Msys

 hosting is set up to look first in /usr/bin and then in /mingw/bin unless instructed to do

otherwise.  What follows,

 again, my humble opinion, is about what happens when compiling using gcc or g++ from the

Msys window:  When

 invoking gcc/g++ under Msys, the assumption is that all the necessary compiler data

(runtime, win32api, includes,

 libs, compiler specific binutils, etc.) are to be found somewhere under /usr/mingw.


        Need to refine my earlier statement (see early on in this email) to a certain degree since

there is, in fact, no

 .exe for the Msys DTK, at least not as of yet.  As a correction, let me state that I

unzipped that particular archive

 (Msys DTK) to the /usr (:\msys\1.0) directory.


        Since then, autom4te has always been found.  On a search of the Msys directory, autom4te

and autoconf are

 both found, at least on this machine, within the /usr/bin directory.


        Typically speaking, Mingw (stand alone) doesn't support autom4te.  Where Msys is in the

equation, Mingw is

 only used as the compiler tool/distribution, nothing else.  I have been told by those wiser

in the ways of Msys then my

 humble self, that Mingw is not required by Msys, it is simply included as part of the

initial installation for Msys and this

 was done mostly out of convenience due to the stability of Mingw at the time Msys was first



        Paul G.

Thanks, I untarred in the main msys directory and it works like a charm now.  Also thanks for the prompt replies.