Preface: If you think in the middle of text, you know it already, skip my message.. Thanx.


In MinGW lists I have seen posts, that have trouble with managing Cygwin and MinGW on same machine. Well, I have 3 ’GNU compatible’ compilerson machine and with no problems. (DJGPP, MinGW and Cygwin). I ahve created a .bat file for each system. So if I want to use MinGW and/or any other compiler at the same time (Do more in less time (win95 promo) ;) I have no problem mixing executables. I think that every programmer should be a power user (in some way) and can create several .bat files for using different compilers at the same time. In the Win9x (me included) it is easy. I do not know about nt/2k/xp.