#4 Zip File


Perhaps you should add a zip file for the complete
package - or at least a link to a win32 tar port from
somewhere else. A lot of people may not know how to
open it. You may say that they should have winzip,
or maybe they shouldn't be installing MinGW, but we
are starting to use it in our AP Computer Science
class, and although the people there can program,
they aren't necessarily Un*x people, and most of them
don't know what a tar.gz is.


  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2001-12-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> earnie
    • status: open --> closed
  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2001-12-11

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    Never a better time to learn. Besides winzip handles tar.gz file just fine and dandy. We also must live with
    slow modems and adding to the upload time isn't something any of the developers desire. I've therefore
    closed this request. You are free to create a distribution locally if you desire.

    Thank you for your interest in MinGW,
    MinGW Project Administrator.