Cesar Strauss - 2013-12-21

For those affected by this bug: please try the new versions I built for testing this issue. They are available at:


Files: gcc-try-1.tar.gz and gcc-try-2.tar.gz

Unpack them in an empty directory, go to the 'bin' directory and run 'gcc -v'. Do they trigger the disk error?

1) gcc-try-1.tar.gz

It was built from 4.8.2 without modification. I did use the "identity mount" setup, which was mentioned in: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.user/42991/focus=43002

In this build, the output from "strings" is reduced to:

 $ strings gcc.exe | grep '[a-z]:/[a-z]'

However, they could be false positives, so maybe they don't trigger the disk error.

2) gcc-try-2.tar.gz

It was built with --disable-nls. The output from "strings" is now empty:

$ strings gcc.exe | grep '[a-z]:/[a-z]'

The downside is no more translation of the compiler messages in other languages, at least until this gettext issue is solved.

Unfortunately, I am unable to trigger the bug, even though I do have removable drives on drives e: and i:.

I look forward to the tests results.