#712 automating download of minGW via (X)ML


Has there been already a proposal to provide the
community not only with a download page but also with a
(X)ML-Page like this:

or similar.

If not, I would ask for that.

So there is the possibility to use some scripts,
which will look for release=current and
id=gpp-bin for to download it (and install it).

I am very glad, that there is still no install.exe for
mingw and that is modularized. ok,ok, it is gpp.

Maybe there could even be an entry like

containing all files needed to download and extract to
build some c/c++ programs.

Please do not understand this proposal as
a call for a install script.
I hate them. I always want the full control
(at least I hope so) over my computer.


  • Mario Duhanic

    Mario Duhanic - 2005-01-29
    • assigned_to: natbobc --> dannysmith
  • Mario Duhanic

    Mario Duhanic - 2005-01-29
    • assigned_to: dannysmith --> natbobc
  • Mario Duhanic

    Mario Duhanic - 2005-02-03

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    If this would be realized, there should be some
    checksum-availability for each item.
    Hm, maybe there is even already a project at SF's,
    which is just doing this and which could be used
    to provide users with the possibility of an
    automated download of minGW.

  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2013-02-05
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  • Keith Marshall

    Keith Marshall - 2013-02-05

    Rather than simply closing as a "won't-fix", should we not note that we have addressed this, in a fashion, with mingw-get? It is XML driven, with a command line interface supporting individual package selection, in-built dependency resolution, and an imminent graphical user interface, (as a co-existing alternative to the command line, so offering the best of both worlds). I'd call that a potential "fix" for the OP's request.