#1926 mingw32-curl package for mingw-get


A curl package would be great, including a dev package with curl.h etc.


  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2013-02-15

    Ticket moved from /p/mingw/feature-requests/125/

  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2013-02-15
    • labels: Suggested Package Offering --> requested package, curl
    • milestone: --> OTHER
    • type: --> Feature
    • resolution: --> none
    • category: --> Unknown
    • patch_attached: --> False
  • Keith Marshall

    Keith Marshall - 2013-04-25

    Thanks for the notification. Since you've taken the trouble to create a mingw-get compatible package description, I presume your objective is integrated distribution?

    Are you interested in maintaining this as a MinGW contributed package? If so, we can add the reference directly into our package catalogue, but you would need to move the hosting to SourceForge.

    Alternatively, if you prefer to maintain your own independent repository, (which can be hosted anywhere you like), you will need to choose a repository "namespace" and create a namespace-package-list.xml as entry point for your catalogue. We can then add a commented out reference to that, in mingw-get's defaults.xml, as a hint to users who may wish to integrate your repository content into their mingw-get managed installation.

  • Sebastian Schuberth

    Basically, of course I'd like to see this hosted upstream and available by default so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. However, I'm creating these packages just on a "scratch-my-own-itch" basis and I would not like to take maintainership for it. This mostly is because I cannot promise to be responsive to any issues related to that package or doing regular updates. My spare time is very limited and thus I try to concentrate on the mingwGitDevEnv project only.

    BTW, I have a catalogue entry file here:

    Feel free to peek inside that file to see what other packages there are. I'm already using my own repository in addition to your upstream one for mingwGitDevEnv.

    Also, as I'm still new to writing package description and mgwport files, I'd highly appreciate a code review from our side. It might very well be that I missed some dependencies or something like that.

    A final question, where are existing mgwport files hosted? So far I only saw them as part of some *-src.tar.lzma archives, but aren't they also hosted somewhere in Git?


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