#191 HUGE math bug when crosscompiling


I'm crosscompiling to mingw32 from a Linux host, using stock gcc 3.2, and the current mingw32 packages (w32api 2.0, and runtime 2.2).

There's a HUGE bug in the math library, it seems: the following simple program:

#include <math.h>

int i = 0;
for (i = 0; i < 10; ++i)
printf ("10**%d = %d\n", i, (int) pow ((double)10, (double)i));

produces the following:

10**0 = 1
10**1 = 10
10**2 = 99
10**3 = 1000
10**4 = 9999
10**5 = 100000
10**6 = 1000000
10**7 = 9999999
10**8 = 99999999
10**9 = 999999999

This happens both with and without -lm.
The powf and powl functions in libmingwex (why not in libm?) do work as expected.

Is this a bug in the runtime (seems likely), or are there some patches that need to be applied to gcc 3.2 first?


  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2002-09-26

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    Thanks for the report and testcase.

    Hmm, it seems that the mscvcrt version of pow is
    tweaked for 53-bit precison. Maybe it uses a look-up
    table for logs of small integral values. (Maybe it uses
    Earnie's slide-rule)

    If I do this :

    gcc main.c /mingw/lib/crt_fp8.o

    to force 53-bit, the results are correct.

    I can provide a 64-bit version of pow(double,double) in
    libmingwex.a for next release.


  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2002-09-26
    • assigned_to: earnie --> dannysmith
  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2002-10-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Danny Smith

    Danny Smith - 2002-10-07

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    The problem you report has caused modification in some fashion in the official CVS for the given package. The w32api and
    mingw-runtime official CVS reside in the winsup CVS directory tree for Cygwin. Those package CVS trees are periodically
    merged into the MinGW CVS tree. If you still find problems then please open a new report.


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