#1357 Not Updating?


I have the latest version of installer 5.1.6.
When i start installer\updater i always get this dialog:
A new version of MingW Installer is available. Would you like to upgrade now?
If i pick "yes" nothing happens.


  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2009-10-02

    Keith, this is controlled by a value in the MinGW.ini file, IIRC.

    Raskòlnikov, 5.1.6 is the newest version of the installer.

  • Earnie Boyd

    Earnie Boyd - 2009-10-02
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  • Keith Marshall

    Keith Marshall - 2009-10-02

    It works fine, if you click no.

    The problem seems to be in the `build' field; I bumped it from 11 to 12 in mingw.ini, but overlooked it in mingw.nsi. (Thus it's useless, for the purpose I understood it to serve, i.e. to mark my local mingw.ini as superseding the distributed version, but it can signal that the distributed mingw.ini is intended for a newer build of MinGW-5.1.x than is currently running; I don't know what it's intended to do in that case).

    Anyway, I've uploaded a fresh build of MinGW-5.1.6, (with build serial number = 12). Give it time to filter through to the mirrors, and I hope this error will go away; (and meanwhile, just say `no' to that bogus message).

    Finally, do please note that MinGW-5.1.x is unmaintained, and soon to be deprecated in favour of mingw-get, (initially in CLI form only).

  • Keith Marshall

    Keith Marshall - 2009-10-02
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