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Etant addict à MaxMsp j'ai installé MinGW 5-13.exe sans y prendre garde je n'est pas crée de dossier dans les programmes files, bref vu que c'était assez bordélique je me suis je désinstalle et je réinstalle en créant un dossier Mingw c'est pas un soucis et be non
A l'heure actuelle je n'ai plus photoshop ni sketshup ni maya ni vlc ni ... tous mes logiciels et il me reste que MinGW ! En plus dans mon panneau de configuration ajout suppression de programmes que vois je il reste mon photoshop maya etc et MinGW 5000m0 alors que dans mon dossier programmes files il n'y a plus adobe plus les drivers ATI plus vnc et il reste tout les fichiers de MinGW et dossiers un grand bazar. Bref comment le désinstaller complétement sans supprimer tous mes programmes? Max Msp coutant 1000euros, je n'ai pas envie de le supprimer, la licence n'est valide qu'un seule fois.

Good Evening

Due to addict MaxMsp I installed MinGW 5-13.exe unless I take care not create folder in the Programs files, brief as it was quite messy I am I uninstall and I re-creating a File Mingw is not a worry and not be.
At the moment I have no photoshop sketshup or Maya or vlc ,all my software and it remains for me that MinGW! Also in my control panel addition Remove Programs I see that it remains my photoshop Maya etc and MinGW 5000m0 whereas in my case files programs it no longer adobe more drivers ATI more ,VLc and it remains files MinGW and records a large bazaar. In short how completely without deleting all my programs? Max Msp cost 1000euros, I did not want to delete it, that a license is valid only once.

Thanks for advice

Nota I search any viruses with kaspersky antivirus actually in all archives uploaded with your package's installation of and I send mail to Kaspersky, maybe they can find any virus on all ftp.



  • Cesar Strauss

    Cesar Strauss - 2008-04-28

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    We sincerely regret for the loss of your files.

    The uninstaller thought that "Program Files" was the location it was installed. Unfortunately, the uninstaller works by removing every file in the directory that it was installed. This is why it removed the "Program Files".

    In the future, the installer will only remove the files that were installed by itself. Meanwhile, there is a new installer that will not delete any file at all.

  • Cesar Strauss

    Cesar Strauss - 2008-04-28
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