#76 Unable to get setup.py to install

Mark T

I am trying to install several python packages (e.g. yappi) on a Win 7 (64-bit) platform with Python 2.7. I have tried several approaches: pip, easy_install and directly with setup.py install. I have yet go get a successful installation. I have MinGW32 and MinGW64 both installed and I believe are working properly and appropriate entries for them in the PATH statement. How can I fix the setup.py file to force it to use the MinGW64 gcc compiler (e.g for the installation of yappi). The setup file for yappi is attached. Note, I am currently (sending this message from a Windows Vista platform (32-bit) where I have no problem with the installation of yappi.


  • Mark T

    Mark T - 2012-08-26

    setup file for yappi

  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2012-08-26

    I don't think distutils knows about mingw-w64 cross compilers, you'll need to persuade the python developers to do something about it.


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