#45 Newbie: How to Install MinGW-w64


Okay.. MinGW was pretty easy to install after you managed to get ALL packages, but MinGW-w64 is not.
I have read dozens of guides eg. 'What you want to download' but I still don't get it. I have got every time nonworking install or some features were missing.

This is what I now want:
-Compiler executables are x86 native windows. (no cygwin!)
-Compiler is able to build x86 native windows executables.
-Debugger for 32-bit apps.

And this is another compiler configuration which I want:
-Compiler executables are x64 native windows. (no cygwin!)
-Compiler is able to build x64 native windows executables.
-Debugger for 64-bit apps.

First problem which I figured out is that I can't download package of MinGW-w64 that has native executables. (all of them are using cygwin, which doesn't fit to me) One type of answer would be to tell me how to build the compiler on windows :/
I currently have the another compiler configuration and it is working good but I would like to know how such thing is made.
PS: I'm sorry of my bad english.


  •  JATothrim

    JATothrim - 2010-09-22

    :O I'm bit surprised that those packages that I needed actually existed there all the time. :) I could suggest that these versions should be more exposed to users.
    But still I would want to compile the compiler for my self. Are these steps correct:
    -I should install MSYS, cygwin or some other tool that I can run bash scripts like ./configure?
    -I should install <https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw-w64/files/Toolchains%20targetting%20Win32/Automated%20Builds/mingw-w32-1.0-bin_i686-cygwin-1.7.6-1_20100917.tar.bz2/download> compiler to my environment?
    -I download newest source of the MinGW-w64 compiler.
    -I try run the configure & build process.


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