#13 Minor warning and usability fixes

CRT (12)
Colin Finck

I just imported parts of the mingw-w64 CRT into the ReactOS tree and hit several minor problems when doing that:

- _DLL being redefined
Our current build system already defines _DLL and
according to MSDN, MSVC also defines it through the
compiler and not by a special header.
So I put an #ifndef around every #define _DLL

- InterlockedExchangePointer returning a result
Some GCC warning settings complain that the result of
InterlockedExchangePointer is not used. Adding a
(VOID) before the call fixes the problem.

- Unused variables in __report_gsfailure
When compiling for Win32, __report_gsfailure has some
uninitialized variables. I moved the already existing
#ifdef _WIN64 around them.

- __mingw_get_crt_info needing the mingw-w64 tree
As that function is entirely custom for mingw-w64 and
needs the "revstamp.h" from the mingw-w64 tree, it's
not suitable for an import into another tree.
Therefore I put it into an extra file
"mingw_custom.c", which could just be skipped, when
importing the files into our tree.

I'd already be glad if just some of these fixes could be applied to make further synchronizations easier.

Best regards,

Colin Finck


  • Colin Finck

    Colin Finck - 2009-03-14

    My patch

  • Kai Tietz

    Kai Tietz - 2009-03-14

    ok, the _DLL changes and the (VOID) cast are ok. About the __mingw_get_crt_info I am not so happy, but I think we can solve this issue as you suggested.
    This _DLL stuff I want to add to gcc 4.5 mainline (when Stage 1 has begun), beside the -municode switch.


  • Kai Tietz

    Kai Tietz - 2009-03-14
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Kai Tietz

    Kai Tietz - 2009-03-14

    Thanks for providing this patch (Applied at revision 676).



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