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Trunk Stabilized

as of r3573, trunk should be stable enough for general use. Be warned that the interfaces have not been verified and may contain errors.

Posted by Jonathan Yong 2010-09-15

Official Cygwin release!

The 64-bit toolchain is now available through Cygwin setup. Keep a look out for mingw64-x86_64-* packages the next time you run the Cygwin setup.

Posted by Jonathan Yong 2010-09-15

Trunk Unstable

With apologies to those that like to track our latest and greatest revision (which is usually very stable), we are in the middle of a giant upgrade to be announced next week. So, there is a lot of churn, and as a result, please do not use any version of trunk greater than r3197 until the new announcement next week.

Thanks for all of your support!

Posted by NightStrike 2010-08-13

Experimental complex library merged to trunk.

After much work, testing, and tweaking for compliance, the complex math library from the experimental branch has been merged into the trunk. The library features:

A C99 compliant implementation of the complex math functions for float, double, and long double data types.
A test suite that tests the functions for C99 compliance.

In addition, as of the final merge revision of 2781, all tests pass.

Posted by Doug Semler 2010-07-05

Updated w32api compatibility to 3.14

Recently, we went through a lot of merges with other projects, and systematically brought in all changes from all versions of w32api one version at a time. We are now equivalent to their most recent release, v3.14. Enjoy!

Posted by NightStrike 2010-04-16

Now win32-targetted builds!

Yes, it's here! We now support targeting Win32 as well as Win64 with the same crt/header set from this very project!

Look here for the automated builds:

Currently, they are available to cross compile from Linux64 to Win32. More platforms will be available shortly. Please download and test these, and provide feedback on the mailing lists, the forums, or the IRC channel!

Posted by NightStrike 2009-03-06

New Automated Builds

We now make daily automated builds for all of the cross compilers (linux64, linux32, cygwin, win32) using a new buildbot. Find them here:


These archives include the complete toolchain: GCC, Binutils, and the CRT. They are not tested, and are built using CVS HEAD of binutils along with the first revision of the day for GCC. Archives are purged after 1 week.

Posted by NightStrike 2009-03-02

Vista minimum requirements

Today we discovered that for gcc to work on Vista, you MUST upgrade to Service Pack 1 (otherwise known as SP1). Without this, you will suffer from errors that you cannot create a process (the CreateProcess error). Please upgrade any Vista installations that will be running the native Win64 toolchain.

Posted by NightStrike 2008-06-03

Updated base runtime from 3.9 to 3.10

This project is based off of the main MinGW project. Originally, it was captured from version 3.9 of the runtime. It has been upgraded to include all applicable changes for 3.10, so it is now compatible with 3.10 of that runtime. Further upgrades will be coming.

Posted by NightStrike 2008-01-24

gdb is now available! (Experimental)

gdb is now available for the x86_64-pc-mingw32 platform. This release is still in the experimental stage, but it should work fairly well. Please download it and test it, and report any of your findings to the forum, the mailing list, or file a bug report.

Posted by NightStrike 2008-01-17

New root environments for x86_64-pc-linux

This are new root environments available with the following parameters (all are target=x86_64-pc-mingw32, obviously):

host: i686-pc-mingw32
host: i686-pc-cygwin
host: i686-pc-linux
host: x86_64-pc-mingw32
host: x86_64-pc-linux

The gcc compilers available in every package are: c c++ fortran java objc

Get it in the File Releases section.

Posted by NightStrike 2007-10-10

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-20071005.tar.bz2

Proudly we announce an new version of the mingw-w64 (Windows 64-bit) crt and headerset.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-10-05

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070928.tar.bz2

Update version of crt and header set for x86_64-pc-mingw32
support (mingw-w64) with gcc 4.3 and higher.

Changes in crt:
* Reworked crt math functions.
* mktime, difftime, ctime, gmtime, localtime,
_mkgmtime, _findfirst64i32.c,_findnext64i32.c add
* Fixed bug in opendir. PR/1801043.
* Removed termios from crt.

Changes in header-set:
* Renamed __null to SAL__null. PR/1804037.
* Correct 'long double' prototypes for math functions.
* Add non inline protypes to some headers.
* New define USE___UUIDOF for future support of
* Removed termio headers.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-09-28

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070913.tar.bz2

New snapshot release of the x86_64-pc-mingw32 crt and header-set.

Changes to prior version:

Avoid warnings on build and some cleanups.
Define size_t for 32-bit correct.
Prevent warnings about predefined min/max macros.

Avoid warnings on build and some cleanups.
mingw_gettimeofday () as new POSIX compatible version of gettimeofday method.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-09-13

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070824.tar.bz2

Updated w64 crt and header snapshot of project trunk repository.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-08-24

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070821.tar.bz2

Updated version of the w64 runtime and the header-set.
This version corrects some troubles building dll's and using some crt variables.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-08-21

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070816.tar.bz2

This update version of the alpha snapshot of svn repository has the following changes:
* Problem with _sys_nerr & _sys_errlist mostly solved for libiberty.
* dll crt supports ctor/dtor and old 'DllEntryPoint' hook beside DllMain.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-08-16

mingw-w64: mingw-w64-snapshot-20070810.tar.bz2

Release of the first alpha version via the mingw-w64 project. This is a snapshot of the svn source repository.

Posted by Kai Tietz 2007-08-10

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