Thanks a lot for the review. I'm not a C++ builder expert as you see :-)

I'll add all this to the document asap.
At the beginning I started with TDM so it is possible that some notes are no more valid.

Any suggestion to change the toolchain structure to build both in 32 and 64 bits?


> Yay I'm on the interwebz!
> I've glanced over the extremely detailed instructions (kudos for that) and
> noticed conceptual errors around mingw32-make:
>  - this is not a compiler
>  - the bitness of the mingw32-make executable does not at all influence
> what the actual compiler does.
>  - a 64-bit program will never attempt to load a 32-bit DLL. It will skip
> it instead. The error you are showing (0xc000007b) signifies failure to
> find a loadable DLL. Say for example both are in PATH:
> C:\libiconv32\bin
> C:\libiconv64\bin
> in this case, when loading a 64-bit application linked to the libiconv DLL,
> the Windows loader will find the 32-bit DLL file in the first directory,
> skip it cause it's 32-bit, and continue with the next PATH entry, where it
> finds a usable DLL and  loads that. Your setup to install everything to
> /local/ will not prevent 32 and 64-bit library files to overwrite each
> other if you build both.

> In the Qt part, you say the option -static-libstdc++ will fail, but this is
> only true for TDM's toolchain. If you want to increase the speed of the
> build, perhaps consider not building Qt from MSYS, and using Qt's jom to
> parallellize command execution.

> Cheers,

> Ruben