2012/8/31 K. Frank <kfrank29.c@gmail.com>
Also, I've had a problem with recent versions of mingw-w64 gdb.  It's slow
as molasses loading up and/or initializing an application (minutes), but
once the application starts, it seems to be fine. (I don't think that this is
Qt specific.)
Because it's using python by default.

Obviously, you need a stable enough and good enough version of gcc to
get Qt built, but in general my preference would be for you to push up
close to the mingw-w64 bleeding edge.  Getting Qt built is a good test
for the compiler, so you'd be helping the mingw-w64 project.
mingw-w64 is great / actively project, it's just need more help.
And it will support std::thread use win32 thread in the soon.
And it just works well. both native compiling Qt5 or cross compiling.

Best Regards