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On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 04:16, Ruben Van Boxem <> wrote:
Hi all,

I have restructured my Personal build directories, moving all previous builds to "old".

Two new "release channels" will become available:
1) release: released GCC versions, with the then latest MinGW-w64 CRT together with trunk binutils/gdb will be placed here. The two latter things are pretty much rock-solid, and binutils releases very little, so this makes sense. GCC will use plain "win32" threading, but the pthreads-based stuff in GCC (think libgomp) is still based on winpthreads. This should resolve all issues people are having with the posix-threading builds I've been pushing previously. This does mean no <thread> for C++.
2) experimental: This will be the place for the new stuff, like posix-threaded GCC builds. These will use GCC SVN release branches, and MinGW-w64 trunk as far as it is usable at the time I decide to build something. Clang will also take its place here.

I am uploading 4.7.0 at the time of writing. I plan on building 4.6.3 as well, and perhaps a 4.5.3. Unfortunately, I am still unable to build a native ada compiler/library. As before, these are now built with -mtune=corei7 and a bunch of other fancy optimization options I hope work as advertised.

I plan on building a 32-bit only GCC 4.6 with dw2 exception handling, and pair that up with Clang, which was recently modified to generate the correct function calls for this alternative exception handling mechanism. Note that this is only awaiting proper implementation in Clang, but that will take a while if no one steps up to do the dirty work :(. This build would be orthogonal to every other build I did, but at least you could *use* clang properly (if the dw2+MinGW-w64 combo works out, at least).

Please report any problems you find. I am especially curious in OpenMP crashes due to winpthreads being used (without the libgcc posix thread stuff).



PS: Download links of the half-uploaded-at-the-time-of-writing files:

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