2011/8/29 Earnie <earnie@users.sourceforge.net>
Ruben Van Boxem wrote:

> I have an idea: try removing the python27.dll file in mingw32/bin. I
> put it in there for gdb's python support, and it might interfere
> with the Python you're using to do your stuff. I'll see if I can't
> move the dll to mingw32/bin/lib and have gdb search for
> lib/python27.dll (import library magic?), if this solves your issue
> of course.

Ruben, you are aware of the .local directory method of dll side-by-side
assemblies, correct?

So basically create a gdb.exe.local in the same location as gdb.exe and
put the dll in it.

Does it work for preloaded (ie no LoadLibrary involved) DLLs? I gathered it didn't. I also figured that renaming the dll before I did the gendef+dlltool steps should work equally effictively.