Op 6 jan. 2013 02:21 schreef "JonY" <jon_y@users.sourceforge.net> het volgende:
> On 1/6/2013 05:49, K. Frank wrote:
> > I don't currently have msys or a unix emulator set up.  So the
> > suggestion to try out the configure script "just to see" involves
> > a little more work than just trying it out.
> >
> Feels handicapped.
> > To Ruben's comment:  Is there some way I can check whether
> > the configure script claims to support mingw?  Should I expect
> > the character string for the host (e.g.,  "i686-w64-mingw32") to
> > reside somewhere in the script itself?  Is there some "database"
> > file of supported hosts used by the scripts that I could search
> > for variations of "mingw"?  I'd like to have some expectation that
> > the configure script supports mingw before I go hunt down a
> > linux system or unix emulator.
> >
> It is always there, all configure scripts will check for all known
> platforms, whether it will actually work depends on how it was written.
> Since you don't have much experience in autotools, your best bet is to
> just run it and see what happens.
> > As for Peter's suggestion, I will check out CodeLite.  If it doesn't
> > look too painful, I'll try translating the solutions file into a makefile.
> > I'm thinking (perhaps wrongly) that if I start with the unix configure
> > script, I'll be more likely to get bumped over into unix-style, pthreads
> > and posix sockets land, where if I start on the visual studio side, I
> > might be more likely to end up with windows threading and winsock.
> > (Just a hope.)
> Ugh, that was painful to read. What part of configure implies pthreads
> and posix sockets? GCC source too has configure, does it make pthread a
> requirement? No.

Well, think about what you're saying... GCC autotools have a bunch of checks for mingw that make the build use windows specific sources. There's bound to be some Unix specific and windows specific source files in QuickFix. If the autotools wasn't written with that in mind, you're screwed. Autotools isn't a one stop ticket to a full cross-platform build without some modification. Take off your pink glasses, autotools isn't the holy grail. He might well run into the wrong source files (and thus Unix stuff like sockets and pthreads) being used in the autotools build.


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