2012/5/24 MARTIN Pierre <hickscorp@gmail.com>
Dear Baruch,

Ruben, would you be able to write up a simple tutorial or something, explaining how you do your builds so that we can make a few tweaks and build our own?
Or maybe someone else? I seem to remember running into trouble when trying to use the bundled compilation instructions (but that was a while ago)
A while ago, i asked the same, and Ruben kindly gave me the
URL of a repository he maintains, containing all the build scripts
he crafted to compile his build of the toolchain.

The link was: https://github.com/rubenvb/MinGW-w64-build-scripts

Yes this is correct. One thing has changed though since then: I have three branches matching my Personal build directories. release and master should be usable, experimental is not guaranteed. Note that all the build machinery is included in every source package I upload on Sourceforge, including all the necessary sources.

If you need any guidance other than: follow "buildall.sh" through every other scripts, let me know.


PS: Note that MinGW-w64 also provides a makefile maintained by JonY that should do everything for you. See http://mingw-w64.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mingw-w64/experimental/buildsystem/makebuildroot.mk?revision=4779


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