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> Hi,

Hi Ruben & others,

Thanks for the fixes to the wiki!

> I have updated the Qt wiki on MinGW-w64:
> http://qt-project.org/wiki/MinGW-64-bit
> It has a nice explanation (which was *wrong* on many accounts until now) of
> various "stuff".
> I'm attempting to build the prereqs now, I might upload them when I
> succeed.

Actually all that should be needed for latest qt5/release branch (upcoming 5.0.1) is the toolchain + ICU and openssl dlls, which you can get e.g. from http://origin.releases.qt-project.org/prebuilt/mingw_32/ .

> Also: it seems the Qt Project chose for "posix" threading for all the wrong
> reasons in their own release to public installers, and has no idea of the
> possible performance impact. It will be positive to get winpthreads and posix
> threading out in the wild though :-)

The section of posix vs win32 threading was just what I found out on the web after googling for 10 minutes ;) We just had to settle for one. If there's consensus that win32 threading is preferred by more people we can  switch to it e.g. for Qt 5.1 ...

Well, it's kind of a double-edged blade as I tried to clarify on the wiki. Support is still experimental, but that won't change if there's no exposure of this build to the masses.

On top of that, Qt already caters for all the C++11 multithreading classes: QThread, QMutex, etc... all exist and are probably the ones used in Qt projects. I'll leave the final decision up to you, but for stability's sake I'd suggest using plain win32 threading (Qt is used by a lot of people and it'd suck for people to have a bad MinGW-w64 experience with it).

Perhaps ktietz (the winpthreads author) can chime in on this.




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