And the world is struck with awe!

No really, I have just completed an experimental GCC 4.7 (current SVN trunk) build using mingw-w64 trunk, which through an ingenious patch to libstdc++'s configure contains all goodies needed for a working (simple test case only, as always :) ) std::thread. There is only one rather major caveat: you must link with "-static" or your executable will crash.

Seeing that this is an experimental feature, I didn't see the need to hold back a build like this any longer. It includes a posix-threaded (lib)gcc, which is also something new and upcoming, thanks to Kai's recent great work on winpthreads.

Mac builds refused to work due to

If there really is demand, I can look into backporting the necessary patches to GCC 4.6.

What does this mean? GCC 4.7 and mingw-w64 will most probably bring you a fully/mostly functional C++11 std::thread!

Enjoy and please report any bugs/problems you may encounter!


PS: Download links: