Kai and I, have, with the help of PcX and Frank, got to a point where a slightly patched libstdc++ configure can build adll with the necessary symbols.

Kai is on holiday now, and I will be on holiday too in a few days, so don't expect any final word soon.

I am experiencing a std::system_error: Operation not permitted. in a simple std::thread::join example. I have a hunch it is due to Frank's little patch to operator< (which i didn't apply) or something, but might as well be a winpthreads/mingw-w64 issue. I was planning on uploading the builds (none for mac due to a GCC build error there), but now I frankly don't see the point :(

If anyone has an idea or has experienced and fixed this issue, I'll be glad to hear it!

To be continued!