Hi everyone,

Following up on my previous announcement, I have completed builds of GCC 4.5.3 and 4.6.3 still using MinGW-w64 v2.0.3. These are to be considered rock-solid stable.

Seeing how much trouble GCC 4.5 was (mostly regarding Graphite dependencies CLooG and PPL) I don't think I'll build another one unless someone specifically asks for this and has a good reason.

I noticed a minor flaw, that I will solve in time for the next release of GCC. The LLVM/Clang licenses are placed in the binary archives, although Clang is not delivered with these builds. Clang will form a seperate download, in experimental, accompanied by hopefully a dw2 32-bit toolchain so that it can use C++ exceptions, making it usable. Note I cannot guarantee that this will work, and the resulting toolchain will produce binaries with different dependencies and structure than any other build I have released (they will depend on/use a libgcc-dw2 instead of the normal libgcc-sjlj).

Enough chitchat. Download links below (4.5.3 still uploading at the time of writing):



Please let me know of any problems.