2011/10/30 Ozkan Sezer <sezeroz@gmail.com>
On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Jim Michaels <jmichae3@yahoo.com> wrote:
> does 20111005 have
> - c++11 (c++0x)?  I noticed the lack of a libstdc++-6.dll, so I was just
> wondering...  I use c++11's initializer lists and the equivalent of a
> foreach statement.

Since 20111005 is gcc-4.4-based it has some c++0x
stuff, but I don't think there are any c++11 thingies in it
(I'm no fan of c++ but Ruben can answer better about
the c++ fun.)

C++0x == C++11, and you can see what version of GCC has what here:
It all began with GCC 4.3
Note that some of these features were reworded in newer drafts, so there may be a difference in behavior between 4.4 and the newest (probably correcter) behavior. If you are going to use C++11, I suggest using the latest GCC version (4.6) to guarantee the best compatibility. If possible, also compile your code with Clang, which also has pretty solid C++11 support, and very good Standards compatibility. Plus, it points out your errors as exact as it can. I don't suggest using (64-bit) binaries produced by Clang on Windows, support for basic stuff is flaky in some areas (exceptions, dllexport...).

If unsure about some syntax or behavior, your best bet is Stackoverflow, there's a lot of knowledgeable people there, if you ask a good question ;-)

> - the change around 20110827 for 9x/me/2000 compatibility, such as
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3300841&group_id=202880&atid=983354
> curious if this is a compiler I can use to build windows 9x apps.

Yes, it should provide compatibility for codepage functions

Is this anything non-standard? Would my toolchain builds be missing this because I missed a configure option?


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