I am new to mingw and have only rudimentary knowledge of cross compilling and even programing in general.  I have source code of a long abandoned 64bit 3D open source Linux game that I would like to cross compile for Windows7 64bit.  My devel box has Ubuntu 11.04 Linux installed as well as mingw-w64 from the Ubuntu repositories and all the necessary build dependencies for compiling the game on Linux. After a long and arduous journey through dependency hell, I am able to successfully configure, build and install a Debian package of the game from source and run it on my system. 

Since Mingw, for all practical purposes; is not self intuitive to the novice or non-programmer, I am wondering what to expect when I attempt to cross compile a program using it.  Since the source is based on Autotools; I understand that ./configure used in conjunction with the triplet --host=x86_64-w64-mingw32 from the command line will cross compile to a windows 64bit host.   Assuming that the cross compilation was a success and that I desire a monolithic executable, How may I find the name of the cross compiled file and its suffix.  Where should I expect to find the cross compiled file and how may I package this file so that I may actually run it on Windows7? Also how may I know that the cross compilation was successful or not?

Thank you for your patience!