If you link vc static lib using gcc, there will be many similar errors (adding chkstk.obj can solve some problems).
So you'd better link a vc dynamic lib.

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 11:31 PM, Lutz Hayen <lutz.hayen@live.com> wrote:

> add visual studios chkstk.obj to your link.

Thank you!

This removed the __chkstk errors. Then I discovered that
there were a few similar errors, where
__security_check_cookie was missing. I found that symbol in
runtmchk.lib. I had to remove chkstk.obj again, since that
library also contained chkstk.obj.

So for the record, if someone runs into a similar problem,
install the Windows SDK 7.1 and then find the necessary
files in
c:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0/VC/lib/amd64

> This should solve your
> issue. Btw this isn't related to mingw-w64 at all

It is not? Sorry for the noise, then, and thanks anyways for
enabling me to use mingw-w64 instead of VC.

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