and, alas, microsoft has made sp2 unavailable and xp next year is support EOL except for embedded. so SP1 users (like me) are out of luck unless they have already downloaded and burned a copy of SP2 and SP3. after EOL, updates will no longer be available from, just like with windows 9x/me/2000.

Jim Michaels

From: Kai Tietz <>
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2013 5:07 AM
Subject: Re: [Mingw-w64-public] Suggestion for FAQ Re _vswprintf and msvcrt.dll on XP SP1

2013/1/21 Jacek Caban <>:
> On 01/21/13 13:39, JonY wrote:
>> On 1/21/2013 09:43, Herb Thompson wrote:
>>> Q: Why do some 32-bit MinGW-w64 applications fail with '... _vswprintf
>>> could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll' on Windows
>>> XP SP1?
>>> A: For C++, MinGW-w64 implements 'vswprintf (wchar_t *__stream, const
>>> wchar_t *__format, __builtin_va_list __local_argv)' as a call to
>>> '_vswprintf'.  Older versions of msvcrt.dll, like the version in XP SP1,
>>> do not include '_vswprintf'.  A workaround for this is to compile any
>>> C++ libraries and applications that use 'vswprintf' (with the preceding
>>> signature) with -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO.  For example, to build the
>>> wxWidgets library for applications to be deployed on XP SP1, build
>>> wxWidgets with the following command line:
>>>  > mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc CPPFLAGS="-D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO"
>> Done as
>> Thanks.
>> I've also added a caveat section on the side effects of using
> Well, IMO we should fix bugs instead of documenting them... I may look
> at this, but I'm not sure when I will find time for that.
> Jacek

Well, in general I agree.  We might should do same hack (for older
msvcrt versions) as we do for vscanf (as example).


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