#45 S_I{R,W,X}{GRP,OTH} aren't defined

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This is forwarded from http://bugs.debian.org/625942:

MinGW's sys/stat.h defines S_I{R,W,X}USR, but does not define S_I{R,W,X}{GRP,OTH}. This makes it more difficult to build software with UNIX-like assumptions about stat. Please define these constants.

(The bug was originally reported against MinGW but also affects MinGW-w64.)




  • Stephen Kitt

    Stephen Kitt - 2011-05-12

    I guess this could be qualified as a feature request rather than a bug, feel free to move it to the other tracker...

  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2011-05-13

    Moved to Feature Request.

    I am against adding this, as it has no meaning when used with msvcrt. Its more correct to fix the wrong assumptions, msvcrt isn't unix compliant anyway.

    ktietz, what do you think?

  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2011-05-13
    • labels: 1008198 -->
  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2011-05-13
    • labels: --> Headers
  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2011-05-13
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2011-05-13

    Looks like there are no incentives to support defines that have no meaning on msvcrt, or lying to configury checking for unix permissions.

    I'd suggest that whatever program having issues with S_I{R,W,X}{GRP,OTH} should check if sys/stat.h has the defines, and insert dummy values themselves if required.


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