Richard C - 2013-08-30

Well first of all apologies for any vaugueness in this post as I'm not all that familiar with some of the tools I'm about to describe. With that said, my question is, is it intentional that the output from nm.exe be different from the 32 bit nm.exe?

The difference in question is that nm produces the following:

0000000000000000 I .idata$4
0000000000000000 I .idata$5
0000000000000000 I .idata$6
0000000000000000 T .text              <--- new thing
0000000000000000 U __IMPORT_DESCRIPTOR_libeng
0000000000000000 I __imp_engPutVariable
0000000000000000 T engPutVariable

nm now produces a T .text entry in the output, one for every other T entry output.

The command which produces this kind of thing is the following:

nm -g --defined-only A_Win64.lib

The specific version of the tools I'm using for which this happens is the version in


If this is a new feature of nm, what is the pattern to expect? I need to prune these entries from my .def files as they don't work otherwise.