rubenvb - 2010-05-31


Congratulations on getting the autobuilds up and running again. I'm testing a Qt build right now with a fresh GCC 4.6. there are still some issues with the autobuilds though:
- the <root>\mingw directory is not needed. I safely just deleted it (prepackage step?)
- the <root>\lib\gcc\&lt;triplet\include folder contains stddef.h, stdarg.h, and float.h, but theese are incomplete (clear87 andsoforth) and should either not be there or do an include_next for the ones in <root>\&lt;triplet>\include which do work fine
- the <root>\lib32 folder is awkward in a 64-bit toolchain build and should be removed IMHO
- is there any chance of including the DirectX header/lib set? I understand it's supposed to be an optional addition under a different license and all, but seeing as the size of the package right now isn't really optimal (the <root>\mingw dir is huge)…

Thanks for considering and as always, keep up the great work!