pthread_mutex_timedlock_np needed

  • Bobby

    Bobby - 2009-05-04

    I strongly suggest the addition of pthread_mutex_timedlock_np which uses a relative timeout instead of an absolute one as pthread_mutex_timedlock does.  Internally, WaitForSingleObject is used, which uses a relative timeout.  This means that with typical pthread_mutex_timedlock usage, the users queries the system for the time, calculates by adding the needed absolute time, then pthread_mutex_timedlock does the reverse calculation after another query for the system time.  It's nuts!

    • Kai Tietz

      Kai Tietz - 2009-05-05


      I agree that the add of this functionality to pthread library is to be wished. But those suggestions have to be done to the pthread project directly. I would be happy, if the libpthread would officially support x64 target officially.



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