Reducing the size od .zip distributions

  • Dan Shechter

    Dan Shechter - 2009-02-27

    I've noticed that if I recompress the mingw .zip files with 7-zip (
    I get archives of around 40MBs as opposed the the 200+ MB of the current snapshots.

    It would be greatly apprecuiated if you could patch your build to create .7z files

    • NightStrike

      NightStrike - 2009-02-27

      Is it really that much of a problem?  We went with zip because we figured that it's 2009, and there's really no realistic difference between the two sizes.  It adds maybe a few extra seconds to the download time.  I guess if you're on dialup, it'd be an issue.

      Zip has its advantages in that it's natively supported by Windows, it doesn't depend on anything external, it's fast, it's easily understood by every single user that downloads it, etc.


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