mingw64 wiki?

  • rubenvb

    rubenvb - 2010-01-21

    Should there be something like a Mingw-w64 wiki? It could help new users find their way.
    I can try to contribute some simple stuff myself.

  • NightStrike

    NightStrike - 2010-01-21

    Well, there is… although admittedly, the link is far from easy to guess.  It's "Trac" under "Hosted Apps":


  • rubenvb

    rubenvb - 2010-01-21

    Wow… there's a wiki :). Are you guys aware of the whole cadforte msys stuff?
    see www.cadforte.com and mingw-w64.org. (sites been down for me though for like half a month or so).
    It would be better to have a SF independent site, like mingw.org has, no?

    PS: if you can reach cadforte.com, let me know, then there's something wrong with my internet connection :)
    PS2: the site is still in google's cache, so you can access xenofear's email address and the download links.

  • NightStrike

    NightStrike - 2010-01-21

    mingw.org is just a domain name that points to their hosting on sf.net.  We prefer to keep everything on a site like SF for the simple reason that SF will be around a lot longer than any of us on this project.  Xeno is a good example - had we moved everything to his site like he wanted, we'd be in big trouble now that he's disappeared off the radar and his site is inaccessible.

    And, to answer your other questions, I have no idea what the status is of his project.  He doesn't sign in to IRC anymore, and no one has heard from him.

  • rubenvb

    rubenvb - 2010-01-21

    Well, that sucks… bad… his project looked mighty promising.
    Thank for the intel and keep up the good work!

  • Ron Murawski

    Ron Murawski - 2010-02-07

    "Are you guys aware of the whole cadforte msys stuff?"

    I had been working with xenofears on a daily basis reporting bugs and creating new web pages for the wpg64 project. He suddenly stopped communicating around the beginning of November. At that time he was quite enthusiastic about the project. I am very apprehensive about what may have happened to him.

    I am attempting to put wpg64 back on the map, but I need help. I do not have xeno's talents for building, so all I can supply is a binary snapshot of the project as it existed in November. I'm afraid that the extensive wiki information about the project may be lost forever. If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me directly:
    ron _at_  horizonchess _dot_ com

    For now I will host it on my own server,
    I am willing to move the project to SourceForge. The last time xeno and I looked at sf, the download file was too large to host (354MB in 7-zip format). The information on the website is in need of updating. I am working on it.


  • Jonathan Yong

    Jonathan Yong - 2010-02-07

    Hi chesscoder,

    Perhaps you can join or lurk in the #mingw-w64 channel on irc.oftc.net to discuss this with the other mingw-w64 developers.

  • NightStrike

    NightStrike - 2010-02-10


    It'd be ideal of you just incorporated the cadforte wiki stuff into our wiki, where it's maintained by SF and *much* more unlikely to be lost.

    As jon suggested, join us on IRC and we'll talk.  We'd love to directly support your project.

  • Ron Murawski

    Ron Murawski - 2010-03-16

    Xeno is back!!!  …and the cadforte site is also back!

    All the 'lost' wiki info has re-appeared. Xeno and I are planning to migrate the wiki info. The project is once again active!


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