kmx - 2009-11-10

Hi guys,

first of thanks again for the support we got from you project, namely sezero's binaries were very helpful for us - I appreciate moving them to mingw-w64 download area (under "Personal builds" area); I would be happy to see them in near future as "gcc4.4.3-toolchain" official prerelase binaries.

The good news is that since  (credit goes mostly to sisyphus not to me) it is possible to build perl core binaries for 32/64-bit MS Windows with the following compilers delivered by your project (all tested with version 4.4.3):

- native 32-bit compiler
- native 64-bit compiler
- x86_64-w64-mingw32 cross-compiler

So it is very likely that it will be included into the next dev release (=5.11.2) and later in stable release 5.12.0.

Our project () is delivering not only perl core but also a bunch of additional tools and libraries (iconv/zlib/xml/xslt/png/freetype/+other graphics stuff/gdmb/berkeley db/…) which we tried to compile with your toolchain as well.

We used sezero's binaries that are nearly "perfect" but there are some issue I want to mention in this feedback (all of them regards to binaries marked as "20091101"):

1. The biggest problem (in fact currently A BLOCKER for using your compiler for 32-bit strawberry perl) is the fact that **32-bit perl.exe created by your compiler runs fine on WinVista/64 but hangs up on WinXP/32**. See
2. We still hope that the **issue with 'include' dir in toolchain root** (see ) will got fix - it seems like a cosmetics but is important for us as we are packing and delivering gcc-toolchain together with perl binaries to our users.
3. One **minor linker issue** arisen when building libpng. See

The problems #1 + #2 are currently most crucial for as and we would greatly appreciate any help with those.

Thanks again

  • kmx