How do I install mingw-w64 on Ubuntu?

  • Bowie Frisch

    Bowie Frisch - 2013-01-26


    I'm new to both mingw-w64 and Ubuntu. I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.10, 64-bit, English.

    I'd like to install mingw-w64.

    What sudo commands must I issue to install it please?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • NightStrike

    NightStrike - 2013-03-28

    Ubuntu actually contains packages to support mingw-w64 directly.  You can just install these:

    And you should be all good to go.  Post back if that works for you, or if you need more help!

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2014-05-27

    I know I'm not the original poster, but I installed the packages listed on that link, and I'm getting a few problems with trying to build something using mingw-w64...

    I’ve been trying to use mingw-w64 to cross compile Xuggler for windows 64bit from Ubuntu 64bit. I installed mingw64 (sudo apt-get install mingw-w64). Every time I try to build, the build fails. The first error I kept getting when trying to build involved the mingw-64 ld command: “ERROR: collect2: ld terminated with signal 6 [Aborted] core dumped”. From what I could tell it seemed like it was using the Win32 ld.. and I’m assuming it should use the Win64 ld?
    I then tried installing binutils-mingw-w64-x86-64, and now the error I keep running into is “windres: Command not found”.

    Any idea if I might be missing some dependent packages or something? I can create a separate topic if needed. Thanks.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2014-05-27

    I was able to get pass the "windres: command not found" error by following the suggestion in this post on the Xuggler group:!msg/xuggler-users/LP7X4ixOlEo/UzZw-Ko2490J

    However, now I'm back to the "collect2: ld terminated with signal 6 [Aborted], core dumped" error :| It seems like it's always one or the other....

    If anyone has any ideas to get around this problem, it would be greatly appreciated...


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