Maven NSIS Plugin 0.2.0 M1 Released

The Insight development team is pleased to announce the Milestone release of the Maven NSIS Plugin version 0.2.0 M1.

This releases addresses the following issues:
FRQ-2014237: [Maven-NSIS-Plugin] Linux compatibility
FRQ-2685076: Single Language Installer
BUG-2014244: [Maven-NSIS-Plugin] Resources subdirectories
BUG-1950880: maven-nsis-plugin fails on JDK 1.4.2
FRQ-2676662: [release engineering] Add changes.xml & changelog to plugins
EMAIL-00036: Improve documentation for excludes

The release plan for the 0.2.0 release is available on the Insight Wiki at

The NSIS Plugin is a Maven 2 plugin to generate NSIS Windows Installers for Maven projects.

The website of the application is at

Posted by Bindul Bhowmik 2009-03-28

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