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In the current development version of Insight, it is possible to bring up the preferences alone without the entire application ("insight -p").

The problem with this approach is that, if the Preference fame thus brought up is closed using the (x) button on the top-right of the frame, the application does not exit. Ideally this button should have the same behavior as the cancel button.

Also the preference frame does not show up in the Windows taskbar (on Win32 systems).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Bring up the preference frame using the '-p' command line switch.
2. OBSERVATION: It does not show up in the taskbar.
3. Open the windows task manager and locate the process running the application and monitor it.
4A. If the window is closed using the 'Save' or 'Cancel' button, the application dissapears and the process also exits (see the task manager).
4B. If the window is closed using the 'x' button, the application dissapears but the process does not exit (see the task manager).

I think we need to fix both of these before the 1.6 release.


Date: 2006-04-06 03:17
Sender: Bindul Bhowmik


I had a look at the code last night and this is what I think needs to change:

Currently PreferencesFrame is a JDialog (even though it is called a frame). So that is what is causing the bug mentioned above. The JDialog is required because when we bring the preferences up from the application it needs to be modal.

The resolution I am thinking of to it is to modify the class (and possibly also the name of the class) to extend a JPanel. Having a cursory look I feel this should not cause us any major pains.

Then have two new types - a JFrame and a JDialog. Both of whose contents would be the panel mentioned above. The dialog would be brought up when preferences are called from within the application - same as the current behavior. The frame can be called up when
the preferences are coming up by themselves.




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