Some small irritations

  • ekt

    ekt - 2006-03-14

    In working through the tutorial, I have a few suggestions for future releases:

    1)  synchronize the outline view with the graphical view currently
      a) selecting the root node in the graphical view does not make it the focus -- with the result that an added node shows up as a child of wherever you were last.  Work around by selecting the root node in the outline view.
      b) deleting a URL child of a node does not seem to delete the URL node.  A second delete (of what appears in the graphical view to be the child) actually deletes the parent.  Again, the graphical view and the outline view provide conflicting information here.  Workaround is to work in the outline view, which seems to be the correct one.

    2)  separate the "label" concept from the "address" concept.  Using URLs as labels provides a lot of clutter and little information in the graphical view. 

    • ekt

      ekt - 2006-03-14

      It is actually much worse than my previous post indicated -- to the point of making MR more of a problem than a solution. 

      For example: I deleted a node that I created to try to substitute a short name for a URL.  It is still in the graph.  I highlighted it to delete it (again) and discovered that, had I done so, I would have actually deleted an entirely different node selected by MR -- probably the last to have the focus.

      One of the attractive features of MR is the map -- and if it is too dangerous to use the map then you are back into an ouliner, which might as well be Word's.


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