Stability of the Alpha Release

  • MovGP0

    MovGP0 - 2005-03-24

    MindRaider is currently in an very early Alpha State; therefore its very instable. I regulary get crashes and hangups.

    Therefore the implementation should get stabilized a bit by an debug build witch (1) shows a stacktrace when exceptions are thrown and (2) instable functions should show a warning like: "This function is currently instable, do you really want to use it? [Yes|No]" (3) provide more output to the console to identify the position of the hangup and used values.

    • MindRaider

      MindRaider - 2005-03-24

      Hi there!
        I use MR on daily basis for all my stuff (btw my repository of concepts is bigger than 3MB) and (unfortunately :-) I get no errors. MR is marked as alpha since from time to time there are upgrades of data model and first and foremost MR features changes (beta software doesn't add features but aims to stabilize it), In other words, MR should be stable and it shouldn't crash under any circumstances!

      I would really appreciate if you would describe when MR crashes and how. Are you able to replicate that bug?

      Do you have the latest installation (send me title of the MR window please)? If so can you switch to the debug version of debugoptions:
        1. open startup script (.bat or .sh) in  %MINDRAIDERHOME%/bin
        2. change ''  to value ''
      then start the MR and redirect output to file like:
      mindraider.bat 2> errorlog.txt

      Ideally describe when it crashes and send me your zipped repository and log (by default it is in your home in the directory named MindRaider/) to my email.

      Anyway thank you for the report! Looking forward to any additional information from you!

      -- martin

    • MindRaider

      MindRaider - 2005-03-25

      Together with MovGP0 :-Z we probably identified the problem - he is running JDK 1.5

      So please use JDK 1.4.2 only - MR is tested only with it. Don't use JDK 1.5 to avoid MR instability and crashes. I will try to fix MR in the next release - unfortunately it mostly depends on compatibility of underlaying libraries that MR uses with JDK 1.5. So we will see...

      -- mr

    • David Topps

      David Topps - 2005-04-07

      Just installed it. No problems with stability so far with JR 1.4.2 - great. And this machine has a lot of stuff installed on it (test environment with hundreds of apps having been installed and uninstalled)


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