Still alive?

  • Andrea Aime

    Andrea Aime - 2006-01-21

    Is the project still alive? There haven't been releases in the last few months.

    Plus, I've noticed it needs to be market a bit better. Search for "mind mapping" or "concept mapping" on the net, you'll find lists of software such as MyBrain, FreeMind and so on, and MindRaider is never cited. I understand MainRaider is not a mind mapper, but the touchgraph representation suggests it could be used as concept mapper like CMapTools (see for a list of similar softwares)

    • MindRaider

      MindRaider - 2006-01-21

      Yes, work on MindRaider project is still in progress ;-) although I slowed down - I'm busy these days both in my professional and personal life.

      MindRaider is being rewritten to adopt latest version of technologies beging available. I don't want to avoid releasing it before both internal and exchange formats will be stable in order to simply ensure backward compatibility.

      You may check presentation that I gave in November describing not only the current architecture but also the future plans:

      If you are really curious I can provide you with the link to the nightly build.

      BTW here is the list of features that are already implemented:

           o auto attachments hiding
           o improved Gnowsis integration - both linking and browsing is now supported
           o text annotation wysiwyg
           o Jarnal integration -  OneNote like editor enabling mighty text/graphics/sketch annotations
           o interlinking
            o concept to concept links from the annotation content
           o annotation content types (text, html, TWiki and Jarnal)
            o o # x are rendered as lists (single line)
             o x stays for finished item
            o ctrl-e toggles editation/browse mode
           o localization support
            o Italian version
           o UI simplification
            o three perspectives are now available - Outliner, SemanticWeb and Experimental features
            o concept panel layout changed to show both editor and preview
             o attachments can be hidden
             o preview refresh on enter
           o toolbar hiding
           o screenshot capture
           o preferences
            o enable/disable command daemon (TWiki integration)
            o force locales
           o look&feel selection
           o -d option to run MR in debug mode
           o new outliner primitives: first and last (move concept to the first/last position on level)

           o run.bat fixed to delegate parameters
           o Touchgraph Java 1.5 bug (freeze)
           o annotation textarea font size in Java 1.5

           o distribution is now build with Maven
           o code refactored to Java 1.5
           o distribution with bundled JRE 1.5 available
           o new color profile framework (both for graph and annotations)

      • elwood151

        elwood151 - 2007-02-08

        Dear developers,

        I found MindRaider while searching the net for a "knowledge database" tool and the concept sounds very promising.
        I did not install and try it yet, however I want to do that soon.

        It would be nice to hear that somebody is still working on the project - is it just "slowed down" or did you have to drop it for other more important things?
        (I know quite well how hard it is to find the time to work on such an ambitious project parallel to the "real life".)

        What I'm searching for:
        a tool to "connect the loose ends" of my documents, ideas, etc.
        I found DevonThink Pro ( which is a great and powerful app and not too expensive, but unfortunately available only for MacOS X and as I have a private PowerBook but a PC at work I always prefer platform independant solutions ...

        Kind regards


    • Nicolas CJ

      Nicolas CJ - 2006-12-06

      Hello !

      Could you give us some news on the work in progress ?

      Nicolas CJ

    • Tim

      Tim - 2007-06-21


      You may want to try Evernote (  They have a fully-functional free version and  a paid version.  It's PC only but I figure that wouldn't be a problem on your Mac since everyone seems to be using Parallels these days.  If you are comfortable using web apps, you may want to try Zoho Notebook (

      Video demos of the products are here ( and here (

      I hope you'll find what you're looking for.  From what I can see, this project is pretty much abandoned in practice.


    • denyo

      denyo - 2008-05-18

      It looks like at some point version went up to 7.1 which means it is still developed. LAst version I had was .5


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