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Nick Bailey

Minaton v0.0.1

This is my first music software synthesizer project, developed over the last two weeks it's now in a usable state but there are still things I wan't to do, In using floating point values for all parameters I tried to get away from the steppy digital sounds you often hear on software synthesizers, I've used real analogue synthesizers since the late 1980s so know how they should sound, deep, warm, fluid and rich.

A three oscillator subtractive monosynth, two LFOs, One low pass resonant filter, oscillator sync, two ADSR envelopes which can be redirected to oscillator pitch. The mod wheel controls filter frequency. It uses jackmidi rather than alsa for good solid timing, UPDATE: Alpha 0.0.1 version of LV2 version available for download, working in Ardour and Zynjacku, GUI is sluggish in Qtractor (because of QT usage?), partially working in Jalv, can manually create sounds but patches do not update. As I'm working on another poly synth at the moment the standalone Minaton probably won't be updated for a while but the LV2 version will,soon to add faster LFOs (this seems to be the cause of poor performance on certain patches) and a better installation method.

Example sounds can be found on my blog, any suggestions and additions would be appreciated. Dependencies are Jack, libsamplerate, libsndfile, and also fltk for the standalone, but gtk for plug in.


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