Mpm 1.2.3 released

The first stable release in the 1.2 branch is now available.

This version includes a number of improvment in the user interfaces and the refactoring of the classes to further reflect the ADO.NET Provider architecture is complete.

A noticeable change from the 1.1.3 release is that the Mpm specific parts have been moved to the Mimer.Mpm.Data.Extensions namespace. This might break your existing application. If you, for example, have used Mimer.Mpm.Data.MpmProviderInfo you have to change that to Mimer.Mpm.Data.Extensions.MpmInfo.

The Mimer Provider Manager Administrator now supports editing of configuration files. You can for example save the regisry configuration as a configuration file and you can drag and drop datasources, plugins and filters between different Mimer Provider Manager Administrators.

There are several new Visual Studio integration features like wizards for creation of Datasets, preview of Datasets, and a table mapping edititor. The integration works in Borland C# Builder as well, except for the integrated help.

Posted by Fredrik Ĺlund 2004-05-05

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