Installing Mimer Provider Manager

  • Gubbstygg

    Gubbstygg - 2005-06-18

    Hi, I would like to be able to use Mpm on an arbitrary webserver without having to provide the Mpm installer but only the dll as in the web application. What I understand all information that is needed is the information stored in the register under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Mimer Provider Manager, would it be possible to just run a script recreating that structure on the client computer together with the data source I will be using? If so, is there a script available?


    • Fredrik Ĺlund

      Fredrik Ĺlund - 2005-06-21


      Mpm works just fine this way. Simply copy the assemblies found in <MPM_INSTALL_DIR>/redist to the bin directory of  your web application. The assemblies you need are Mimer.Mpm.Data.dll, Mimer.Mpm.Data.ConfigFile.dll, Mimer.Mpm.Data.Internal.dll, and Mimer.Mpm.Data.SqlFilterParameterMarkers.dll. You also need the Plugin you are using, for example Mimer.Mpm.Data.MimerPlugin.dll. You can, of course, copy all assemblies, they are rather small.

      You should not try to update the registry when using Mpm this way. Instead you should use a configuration file (see the manual). Using a configuration file is just as good as using the registry. In fact, in the upcomming version 2 the configuration file have been made the default way of configure the system. Since this is a web application you already have a configuration file called web.config. Simply open the Mpm administrator and open the web.config file. This will add the Mpm-elements to the configuration file. In the Mpm administrator you can create your Datasources, Plugins, and Sql Filters as needed. You only need to define the Plugins you need. If  you are using Mimer SQL you do not need to define Oracle or SQL Server for example. In this case you do not need to copy the assemblies for other plugins than the one you need.
      An easy way of editing the web.config is to open a Mpm Administrator and open the file. Then you open another instance of Mpm Administrator that works with the registry. Now you can simply drag and drop datasource, Plugins, and SQL Filters between the two.

      If you are using Mpm v1.2.3 there is a bug in the administrator that you need to be aware of. See
      for information about this. Basically, if you use Mpm 1.2.3
      and create a configuration file, change
      "MpmSqlFilterSectionHandler" to
      "MpmSqlFilterDescriptorSectionHandler" and everyting should work.

      Fredrik lund

    • Gubbstygg

      Gubbstygg - 2005-06-21

      Tried it and it worked perfectly, really nice product you guys have developed.



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