milter manager: milter manager 1.8.0 Released

milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters

The first release of stable 1.8.x series.

=== All

==== Improvements

* Removed unused variables.

=== Package

==== Improvements

* [debian] Removed Debian GNU/Linux lenny support.
* [debian] Added Debian GNU/Linux wheezy support.
* [ubuntu] Removed Ubuntu Hardy Heron support.
* [ubuntu] Removed Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat support.
* [ubuntu] Added Ubuntu Natty Narwhal support.
* [redhat] Specified PID file in init file explicitly.
* [freebsd] Supported /etc/rc.conf.local.
[Patch by moto kawasaki]

==== Fixes

* [debian] Added missing milter.rb.
[Reported by Mitsuru Ogino]

=== milter manager

==== Improvements

* [trust applicable condition] Normalized domain name.
* Added trust.clear
configuration item.
* Added
configuration item.
* [trust applicable condition] Added and to built-in trusted domain list.
* Used fallback status on negotiate.
* Added
configuration item.

==== Fixes

* Fixed a bug that child milter process launcher isn't
[Reported by OBATA Akio]
* Fixed a bug that child milters that return reject,
temporary failure or discard aren't used in the same

=== milter-core

==== Improvements

* Added trace log level that is more verbose than debug
log level.
* Supported +/- log level prefix to add/remove log level
from the current log levels in MILTER_LOG_LEVEL
environment environment.

==== Fixes

* Fixed a read block bug when readable data is available.

=== Ruby milter

==== Improvements

* [configuration] Used 'accept' as default value for
fallback status.

=== milter-performance-check

==== Improvements

* Supported CentOS 5.

=== Document

==== Fixes

* Used Milter::VERSION instead of Milter::TOOLKIT_VERSION
for confirming Ruby milter's version.
[Reported by Mitsuru Ogino]

=== Thanks

* Mitsuru Ogino
* OBATA Akio
* moto kawasaki

Posted by Kouhei Sutou 2011-06-10

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