1) Have you a file named fieldver6.bbl in your working folder? If not, that might be why you have question marks instead of your references. If you do have the file, have you properly build your tex file the couple of time needed to cross-check the infos between your *.bbl and your *.tex ?
2) Change the subject of your message when related to a new question of yours...
3) The minimal example you give is helpless to understand your problem...

On 25/04/06, Alexander Nervedi <alexnerdy@hotmail.com> wrote:

I am using

OS: Windows XP

I recently upgraded to WinEdt 5.4 and I took a file called fieldver5.tex and
saved it in the same directory as fieldver6.tex. I have made substantive
changes to the text, but my call to packages and to my bibtex file remains
the same. However, all my references have been replaced with a `?'.

I tried to see if the bibtex file was being identified and when it type
\cite{} the usual popup with all my refrences does come up - so i think
bibtex files is being identified but something is not happening there after.

I was wondeirng if people may have suggestions for what I should be looking
at to fix.



\documentclass[11pt]{article} % specifying document type
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% User packages needed
\usepackage{chicago}        % formatting style sheet
\usepackage{graphicx}       % to use \includegraphics + \scalebox ?
\usepackage{setspace}       % to set spacing
\usepackage{longtable}      % to have tables spilling across pages
\usepackage{lscape}         % to convert tables into landscape
\usepackage{placeins}       % to use float barrier


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