I fixed my problem by edithing the problem EPS file.   The EPS file had been generated (by somebody else) using some commercial software many years ago.   In the EPS code were color references to color names that had blanks in the name.   If I edited the EPS file to remove the blanks from the color name, everything is OK with the present version of MikTeX and ghostscript.


04/26/2005 07:30 AM

MikTeX PDF convertion problem

Hi Stanley,
I came across your name on the MikTeX user pages, while searching for a
solution to exactly same problem that you had with converting .esp files
in MikTeX into PDF. My dvi=>pdf convertion also crashes due to PANTONE

Was the problem ever solved in MikTeX? Or did you have to go back to some
older version of ghostscript?

Best Regards,

Ulrik de Lichtenberg
Technical University of Denmark

PS - I hope it's ok that I ask so directly?