I can deeply recommend “The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e” which is hosted on the CTAN server in PDF and DVI format at:



There you will find the LaTeX manual in many different languages for your convenience. It covers all the basics and goes into some of the more advanced topics and should give you a great start. It worked for me many years ago, when the document was in fact much shorter :-)


Hope that helps!




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Dear Everyone,


I am new to Latex/Miktex and so far it looks to me like a fantastic bulletproof application vs. Word and the likes. I have no reason to agonize myself with Word again if I learn LaTeX well. Could someone recommend some beginner tutorials, for now, and more advanced ones (for the near future) please? Any on line tutorial will help tremendously as I can start using it immediately and cut and paste and tweak the examples. Thanks everyone.


Loeghmon Tadayon Nejad