Dear MiKTeX users and, hopefully, packagers,


I’d like to report a bug in the ibycus-babel package (for ancient Greek hyphenation).   When I installed a new version with the Update Wizard in January this year I found that I couldn’t use LaTeX at all!

It wasn’t until I went through the various error messages that I found the problem: TeX was trying to remake all the format files, couldn’t find ibyhyph.tex, and rather than just remake everything else and leave me without ibycus, it went into a huff and left me with nothing! (This happened at work and at home before I tracked down the problem!)

It seems that when the Update Wizard installed the new ibycus-babel package, it deleted the old ibyhyph.tex and didn’t provide a new one! My workaround was to find and download ibyhyph.tex from the internet, and to install it in a private texmf tree where it would be safe from MiKTeX. I then refreshed the filename database in MiKTeX and all was well. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any references to this problem up to now, but perhaps there are very few users of ibycus-babel in MiKTeX-based LaTeX systems.  Could we have ibycus-babel repackaged so it includes the vital ibyhyph.tex file?

Best regards,


Ciaran Taylor